Bad Relationships? You’re not alone! Here’s How to Survive and Find Local Singles in Your Area

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Bad Relationships? You’re not alone! Here’s How to Survive and Find Local Singles in Your Area

While Shakespeare wrote, ‘love is blind’, it doesn’t seem all that relevant today. When we say healthy relationships, it means everything works well. It has its base of respect, trust, honesty, and open communication between two people. We see no imbalance of power. 

It takes a lot of effort to sustain a beautiful relationship. People come into this to share their lives, but things get ruined. There would be some couples whose love lives are admirable, while some seem too tired of each other. 

About 40-50 percent of marriages are likely to end with divorce. Now the question is, can a toxic relationship be saved? First, you must distinguish whether it is just a strong relationship or you’re into real love. Don’t get blindfolded by hope when that’s not love.

A bad relationship is a way broader term that needs to be understood precisely when you finally give up on him.

Definition of a Bad Relationship

The first time I came into the relationship, I didn’t realize the person with whom I was falling in love would be the same, who’ll leave me with tears. Love is an addiction. We do it for our loved ones without knowing what we are doing. To date, I am still trying to figure out who was responsible for this, and things ended up unexpectedly. Many of us came into the dating world without knowing which of our beliefs could introduce toxicity. Rather than focusing on mutual emotional support, people keep on objectifying romance. 

The relationship has so many layers. What we see in a fairytale in movies are sugar-coated lies. Genuine relationships are formed with lots of heartbreaks, effort, and fortitude.  

What makes a couple run from each other? When a relationship turns out to be self-destructive, mentally or physically, we must be careful. 

Well, if you are dealing with a complicated relationship, you’re not alone. Nowadays, people are getting more insecure about it, and predicting what could lead to toxicity is hard.

Signs of a Bad Relationship

The relationship that makes you feel attacked, misunderstood, or demotivated is a red flag. If you see your well-being as the cost of getting happiness from another person, it’s the worst thing. Don’t ruin your well-being with toxicity; the sign of toxicity could be:-

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse might fill your brain with confusion, compliance, anxiety, and guilt. We feel powerless and spend the whole day crying. It is likely to cause short or long effects on your psychology when seeing your partner is

  • Overly controlling you
  • Yelling at you for even small things
  • Threatening you
  • Blaming you for everything wrong
  • Isolating or contemning you
  • Gaslighting

Controlling behavior

When your partner crushes your confidence, you become insecure about everything around you. You could see your partner is controlling if he:-

  • Keeps on pointing out your faults
  • He creates drama whenever he is moody
  • Don’t like people who love or care about you.
  • Threatens you with frequent jealous accusations
  • Keep on criticizing you.

Cheating and infidelity

Cheating, betrayal, or infidelity are prevalent reasons for breakups and divorces. People may cheat due to low self-esteem, desire to maintain a primary relationship, or emotional intimacy. Partners cheat when the partnership isn’t satisfying. Signs of cheating could be:-

  • Change in attitude
  • Consistent lying and avoiding
  • Change in sex life 
  • Stay outside more than at home
  • More careful about looks and dressing
  • Arising of money issues
  • Accusing for cheating

Physical Abuse

It is an intentional body injury due to slapping, kicking, pinching, shoving, and other hurtful movements. This type of abuse is often hidden from the world but is far more common. It develops gradually but leaves an unerasable mark on your soul forever. It’s the worst form of abuse, which rarely involves people changing; the option left for you is ‘just leave.’

Moving On From the Bad Relationship

People generally ask me, can toxic people change? The main characteristic of toxicity is an extreme change in behavior that makes you unhappy. Now happy lives start to be curbed by disloyalty, disrespect, uncontrollable awful behavior, abuse, or lack of support. It’s the society that normalizes even unhealthy behavior that prevents people from realizing their abusive relationship. Without asking others, ask yourself, can a toxic relationship be saved? Your own situation would be the answer. Self-belief and confidence shouldn’t be lost at any point. Moving on from a bad relationship is way more complicated than you can think. However, you can practice by:-

  1. Find a partner who can help you eliminate the emotional damages that occurred due to past relationships. Realize you deserve a healthy relationship. You can see local singles in your area
  2. Start evaluating your standards and make healthy boundaries for yourself.
  3. Stop considering yourself a victim and start finding what keeps you from moving on. 
  4. Get yourself indulged in positivity. Your goal should be to become a positive person. 
  5. You’ll be grieving if you don’t realize you’re in a toxic relationship.
  6. Forgive yourself for restoring integrity, vitality, and the possibility of life. 
  7. Realizing it can be challenging.


Leaving a bad relationship left a person with lots of scars. It requires lots of self-learning, self-reflection, and self-connection. However, there is social pressure to have a perfect unbreakable relationship, which should not be more than your own mental pressure. A relationship radiates happiness when there is love for each other; no matter how much you fight with your partner, you don’t give up on the other. When the relationship starts losing trust, communication, priorities, and intimacy, this isn’t very comforting for you and your partner. There should be no shame in leaving a bad relationship and finding a local single to choose a healthy life.