Artist To Watch: The Regrettes


By Ana Gomez

Los Angeles punk band The Regrettes have been making plenty of waves recently. Fronted by Lydia Night and accompanied by Genessa Gariano, Maxx Morando, and Sage Chavis, one thing this group proves is that age is just a number: all under the age of 21, they’ve managed to secure spots at Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Reading and Leeds, and countless more.

For a relatively new band, formed in 2015, they’ve released plenty of solid music to keep fans coming back for more. They’ve been constantly dropping singles since the start, up until the release of their debut album Feel Your Feelings, Fool! early last year. This album amassed them an even larger following and brought them on a huge 2017 touring circuit, playing several huge festivals and supporting Twin Peaks on their headline tour.

What makes The Regrettes stand out, apart from their visionary music videos and electrifying live shows, is their ultra-creative lyrics of female empowerment and equality. The band has been very vocal about the prejudice of the music industry and among audiences against young women, something they face often. A single from their debut album, A Living Human Girl, puts misogynists in their place with lyrics like: “So if you want to criticize me, go ahead, take a look / I’m not being bossy, I’m saying how I feel / And I’m not a bitch for stating what is real … Sometimes I’m girly and sometimes I’m not / So let’s take a listen, hit me with your best shot”.

Propelling the group through this festival season is the release of the “Come Through” music video earlier this February, part of their newest EP Attention Seeker– released just this past month. Reviews are in and hugely positive, proving something we see time and time again: this band is something special, and they’re here to stay.