7 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious About You

7 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious About You

7 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious About You

If a Cancer man is serious about you, he will try to get to know you better. At first, he’ll keep his distance, but he’ll eventually include you in his plans and show his emotional side. He may even mimic his older brothers to get close to you. You’ll know this isn’t just about the physical intimacy. If you notice these signs, you can put your doubts to rest.

When a Cancer man wants to get close to you, he’ll go the extra mile to make you feel special. You’ll feel cared for and pampered by your Cancer man, and he’ll go out of his way to make you laugh. He’ll buy you flowers, cook you new food, and even text your good mornings. Ultimately, a Cancer man will want to spend as much time with you as possible, and he’ll go the extra mile to make you feel secure and safe.

7 Signs a Cancer Man is Serious About You

If your relationship is going nowhere, several red flags indicate that a Cancer man is not committed to you. The first of these is a lack of spontaneous activity. He rarely invites you to parties or drinks. Instead, he stays home and works. If this is the case, he’s probably just looking to be casual. These are just some of the signs that your relationship is in trouble. Below we mentioned the signs of a cancer man is serious about you.

He will treat you like the queen.

One of the most obvious signs a Cancer man is serious about you is that he treats you like royalty. He’ll make you feel special and show it through romantic gestures like calling you, leaving a heartfelt note, or taking you out to your favorite restaurant. He’ll even buy you your favorite food. He’ll also remember important things and show you that he thinks of you.

You figure in all of his plans for the future.

A man with Cancer is keen to discuss your plans with you. He is expecting you to be an integral part of his plans. This is a clear sign that he’s likely in love with you. Be it a sly slip or a calculated suggestion. He will declare that he can’t think of a future without you.

He does more than you.

If your spouse or friend will do everything to assist you, then there’s an excellent chance they love you. They could even take you home, even if you reside in a remote area, or even help you move house.

He can tell instinctively the moment something is not right.

Cancer is believed to be an extremely sensitive zodiac sign. People born under this sign are usually aware of what is not right with the person he is in love with and attempts to help or communicate with you in any way that he believes will help your feel more comfortable.


He pampers you more than anyone else.

Cancer men are often associated with generosity and the idea of giving. They tend to be big givers for occasions like birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, or even because that is not even a factor. If you observe that he is more generous with you than other people, it indicates that he’s deeply in love with you.

A Cancerian is known to have an intimate and small social circle. People who are part of the social circle appreciate affection and attention. If you’re his closest friend, you’ll be more prone to this than any other person and set the mood for your relationship and prove that he’s truly in love with you.

He is in love with you and is grateful for it.

Cancer is commonly referred to as the “needy” Zodiac Sign because they are often reminded of how much you appreciate their value. It is the same for Cancer people who are in love. If he is a lover of yours and can show even a tiny amount of affection, he’s likely to be deeply in love with you.

He is clear from the very beginning that he’s searching for something serious.

Most of the time, Cancerians are entirely committed to a relationship when they are involved in one. If he reveals that he’s interested only in a serious relationship, enjoys spending time with you, or engages in flirty conversations in your presence, it’s a good possibility that he’s in love with you.

What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like?

While a Cancer man may not like a skinny woman, he prefers a curvy woman. The woman’s curves make him feel protected. Cancer men are not particularly picky about their bodies, but there are certain factors to consider when choosing a partner. The woman’s shape, height, and body type will determine his preference. He is most likely to like a comfortable woman and does not seem too exposed.

Cancer men prefer women with a normal, balanced body. They are not particularly picky about how a woman looks, but they enjoy physical touch. Women with an athletic body and feminine features are ideal for a Cancer man. While this does not mean that a woman’s size is unimportant, an average-size woman will appeal to a Cancer man. In addition, women with a cancer man’s body shape are attractive to other zodiac signs.

How Does Cancer Man Test You?

Cancer men are insecure and dramatic. They believe that everyone deserves to be respected, so they’ll be incredibly attuned to how you treat others. This can be quite tricky for women to read, so make sure you know how to tell if your Cancer man is trying to test you.


Cancer men are incredibly curious and prefer to test women by showing them something they can’t see. While you might think it’s a nice gesture to show your love interest, your Cancer man is more likely to walk away if he feels uncomfortable with your demands or you’re letting him have his way. 

Final Words

If you want to attract a Cancer man, you should be open and honest with him. If you keep things to yourself, he’ll soon become bored and find it hard to stay in a relationship. Lastly, a Cancer man is extremely sensitive and will look for signs that you’re not the right fit. As a result, you’ll need to be able to read his signals well to impress him.