7 Odd Signs He Secretly wants You & is Slowly Falling For You

7 Odd Signs He Secretly wants You & is Slowly Falling For You

7 Odd Signs He Secretly wants You & is Slowly Falling For You

In this article, we will discuss the seven odd signs that he secretly wants you and is slowly falling in love.

When it just comes to an understanding of the men, they seem like a totally different species. Still, they are way too similar to women regarding emotions and feelings. Their minds are wired differently, but that does not mean they do not feel the same stuff as the girls.

The main difference is when a woman falls in love, they will express their feelings in the flooded happiness and a mixture of confused yet positive emotions. Their expression is mostly instant and also pretty evident.

On the other hand, guys have a tough time revealing what is in their hearts and take a very fair amount of time actually to figure it out for themselves. Now we are going to discuss some of the signs below.

He gets nervous in your company

When we coached a man on approaching the women he was attracted to, I would also take them to a bar or a park and just give them pointers on how to introduce themselves to women. One of the first things I did noticed was how nervous they were.

I do not think that women ever realize how completely intimidating it is for a man or how completely intimidating it is for a man to approach them. He also worries you will reject him or laugh at him. Now, I know you would not, but he has that in his head. So cut him some slack.

If this guy is fidgety around you, that’s a very pretty good sign that he is secretly attracted to you. Reassure him that you are interested too with a friendly and flirty smile or a hand on his arm.

He smiles and opens his body language 

Let’s say who likes you to see you for the very first time in just a week. As soon as he sees you, he gets this a very major grin on his face and gives you a big hug. So let me just break it in down for you scientifically.

When he sees you, the neuronal signals travel from the cortex of your own brain to the brain stem( the oldest part of our brains). From there, then cranial muscle which carries the signal much further towards the smiling muscles in his face. So once he smiles at you, there is always a positive feedback loop that now just goes back to his brain and to reinforces his feeling of joy.

He is mean to you or teases you. 

Okay, this makes no sense, but it is one of the signs that he is secretly attracted to you. Some guys have what I call a” middle school game” when they like a girl; they mean to her. Just like they did take it back in the middle school. Maybe minus him typing you or even pulling your pigtails. Some of the guys are so nervous that they default to what they once started.

You get the feeling that he is into you.

I’m always telling you that Sexy, Confident women trust their gut. So if you feel attracted to you, do not let your brain overthink it, and conveniently your gut otherwise. Your brain has a very nasty habit of pooh-poohing anything that your gut will try to tell it.

There is always a reason why the scientists call the gut the second brain: It also has an eerie ability to know the things that sometimes your brain may get that wrong. So you have to just give it a try. So the next time you think that a guy is showing you the signs that he is secretly attracted to you, find out and see if your gut was right.

He works on appealing well-groomed

If this man is just something that you have spent the time with platonically, pay attention to whether he may seem to be putting extra effort into his appearance these days. Maybe his tore and the ancient charge have been just replaced by the pair of the Khaki pants?

Maybe he always seems to be very freshly sprayed with cologne when you see him. Perhaps he has always seems like he just stepped out of his shower when you used to tease him about how rarely he showed?

He has a helpful attitude towards you

Men are the natural providers. When we are actually attracted to a woman, we also want to help her in any way. He might also offer you when your car is in the shop; He might also help with the TPS report that you have been stressing about at work.

He might bring you the soup when you are sick. You have to realize that the average dude will not put this kind of effort into helping a female friend. Suppose he is going above and beyond. In that case, he wants to provide value to you, the same way the caveman may do for the approval of their cave ladies when they have bought home a very nice juicy dinosaur steak.

Subtle & Consistent changes in the touch

Kisses, hugs, cuddling, and hand-holding are all the obvious signs. But does he seem more affectionate than perhaps he once used to be in the early stages of your relationship? For example, when he hugs you or touches you, do you feel that emotional content in what he is doing?

Being more affectionate and caring about you are all of the good signs that he feels a more profound closeness to you and considers you as someone more special than just some girl he is seeing.

Final words 

This article explained the odd signs that he secretly wants you. We also explained some of the signs that he is falling you. Finally, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.