22 Signs you are Marked by God

22 Signs you are Marked by God

22 Signs you are Marked by God

  1. You have a unique, special talent that will not make you rich but uplifts and blesses others
  2. You have been touched by God’s love in some way
  3. Your body is to be used as an instrument of salvation
  4. You are working towards the task of making a positive difference on this earth
  5. Your name has significance (God’s name + your last name) 
  6. You are doing good things that people notice or talk about 
  7. You’ve been on the earth longer than usual
  8. You feel a strange urge to tell others about the love of God
  9. You are starting to see that there are many things happening around you that are signs from God
  10. You have been given an unusual name
  11. People have been telling you that you have an impact on them
  12. The things you most enjoy doing contain a message (music, art, writing etc.) 
  13. You are being drawn to spiritual people and events more than ever before 
  14. Unusual things keep happening around you and to you(miraculous healings, answered prayers, people coming into your life at just the right time) 
  15. You are starting a new practice in your life (reading Bible, praying, singing, doing acts of kindness etc.)
  16. You have been named by someone important (such as your parents)
  17. Your age seems to be in keeping with the great period that we are living through
  18. Someone has asked you to do something that you feel is unusual for you 
  19. It seems impossible for you to be going against God’s will and yet things continue to go wrong for you
  20. You’ve received some strange dreams lately
  21. You are one of the few marked ones who has been publicly named
  22. You are proud to be a part of the end times generation because God uses you to enter into and bless others lives

Signs God is preparing you for a relationship

God is always perfecting people to be in a relationship with someone.

It’s probably not a surprise that about half of the world’s population wants to find their significant other, or “soul mate.” How do you know when you’re prepared for that?

When you are open and honest with God, He can guide you on the path toward love. Here are some signs that might mean he is preparing you for a relationship: 

  1. You have hope because god’s timing is perfect
  2. You are courageous enough to put yourself out there and meet new people 
  3. You have a competitive spirit
  4. You are a positive and happy person
  5. You are willing to lead
  6. You desire to be around people
  7. You love animals
  8. You listen to music and sing, dance or play an instrument
  9. Your prayers are answered. For example, you pray for a loving mate, and next thing you know there is someone out of the blue who is perfect for you!
  10. You know that feeling in your stomach when you see someone who ticks all your boxes – hope, excitement and anticipation? 
  11. You have been called to ministry but have yet to fall in love or be in a relationship with anyone (this article will show how God may be preparing us for a future partner).
  12. As we’re preparing our hearts and minds for the person God has picked out for us, we become more attractive to others.”

What is a Spiritual Mark

Spiritual marks are symbols that people put on themselves or other people to signify something. They’re most often put on the wrist and throat, but you can also find them on the forehead and chest. Historically, marking was used for special occasions (like weddings), but today it’s mostly for more mundane activities like sports games or getting your nails done.  In a religious context, spiritual marks are used to let people know that you’ve had a conversation with God, or that you’ve been healed.

They may be worn for prayer, for religious ceremonies, to show you’re a member of a group, and are said to be magical or prescriptive in nature. 

Spiritual marks can tell you things about yourself. Your future profession, what time of day you’re most productive, and other things and many more things that you might don’t want to know.

What is true spiritual maturity?

There are many ways of defining what spirituality really is. There are books, movies and other references that people use to determine if they are more spiritual than someone else. The problem with this approach is that everyone seems to have a different definition of what spirituality is, making it hard for people to understand each other. We believe that a great way to define spirituality is by looking at it as a relationship with God. 

When you “have a relationship with God,” you are making an effort to learn more about Him and how He wants us to live our lives. This includes trying to live in a way that makes you compatible with Him.

Another great characteristic of a mature spiritual person is that they have developed good habits. Habits like prayer, Bible reading, church attendance and service are the kind of things that would make someone be considered spiritually mature.