20 Tricks And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

20 Tricks And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

20 Tricks And Juicy Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

Do you wish to win the soul of the man of your dreams? We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and delicious hard questions about a person you’re interested in. Do you have someone important in your life with whom you wish to connect subconsciously? When I find love, a whole force field strikes us! Can those bodily sensations, however, reach everyone on a deeper level? 

Those serious chats appear to be too far at times, so how can you initiate an intimate relationship that will survive the staying power? This list of ’20 juicy and tricky questions for your boyfriend’ is the final solution. We’re all curious about what makes us so appealing to the guy of our dreams! What made individuals fall in love with all of us and not someone else? 

Why do our eyes cause their pupils to dilate? Perhaps they’d like to exchange it with you. When you notice his eyes widening, ask him either of these five items. You will feel yourself falling deeper in adoration as he discusses his favorite aspects of you. You can’t deny that you like some praise and comfort now and again!

  •   What is it about me that you like the most?

Perhaps it’s your eyes, lips, huggable thighs, or how you roll your eyes and chuckle in your distinct manner. Go ahead and ask him what to do about you. That makes his cheeks glow.

  • What would you change about me if you could?

We are not always flawless! Is there anything you might improve on that irritates or offends him? We all have good and negative points, and discussing them has been shown to bring people closer together.

  • What color do you think looks best on me?

A man who cannot clothe a woman seems to be a myth!! Most are superb fashion critics, cutting toward the chase and telling you what works and what doesn’t. Ask him what color he feels looks best on you, and dress accordingly.

  • How does my hair look today?

We all have terrible hair days now and then! I occasionally doubt the notion and wonder whether we’re experiencing an insecure day that we prefer to express via our hair. If you’re feeling this way, ask your guy for some comfort concerning your hairdo.

  • Do you like me wearing makeup or without?

This is an age-old issue with a conclusion that normally swings towards 95 percent of men preferring us ‘natural!’ So put the makeover on hold for now and listen to him; you’ll feel better knowing he’ll like it!

  • Remember when we first met?

You will never forget that beautiful first meeting!! But he had you mostly on the edge of your seat, which was likewise for him. Relive some of your favorite “first time” experiences and talk about how you’ve developed together.

  • Do you recall how we first met?

Sharing your various opinions on how the couple first saw will provide a fascinating contrast to that unique occasion when you entered each other’s worlds.

  • How did you make me fall for you?

Allow him to confide in you some old tricks he held up his glove in the early phases of your relationship. This might clear up some questions about those hesitant first dates you spent together.

  • Did you ever think we’d be what we are today?

Did he constantly want you to be in his mind from the beginning, or was it simply a casual fling in the first place? Don’t be upset if he responds with a ‘no’ or hesitates; he wasn’t head over feet with you at first, but he surely plunged headlong after meeting the real you!

  •  When did you know I was the right person for you?

Get him to tell you about the amazing time he first spotted you in a light beam! It’s beneficial to discuss when you initially fell in love since it reminds you of the great trip you’ve traveled together thus far.

  •  Did you form a relationship right away?

When you entered each other’s worlds, he or you may have looked up first, but there’s an instant connection! Discover how he thought in that first crucial moment.

  •   What do you believe makes me work the hardest?

What helps your love endure the test of time? Ask him what he feels distinguishes you from the rest of the pack, and then express your thoughts on the brilliance of what true love has become.

  •   Do you believe we might improve our love?” If so, what do you believe it will be? 

There may be nothing we need to work on, but it isn’t easy to tell. There’s just nothing they need to work on, but that isn’t easy to accept because nothing is ever perfect! You can, however, work on getting it near flawless, and the way to begin is to speak things out.

  •   What is one act you could get for me, or one thing I can do for you?

Compromise will always get you all the way! Offer suggestions on what you can do for each other and spend time and pleasure attending to each other’s needs.

  •   How much do you love me on the order of 1 to 10?

There’s no way to quantify your love for one another, but how would you grade it if you can still rank it on a Likert scale from 1 to 10? What exactly would it be?

  •  What distinguishes our love from the rest?

Something seems to light the earth on fire whenever you two are together. Discuss what distinguishes your love from the others. Enjoy the beauty that your love creates and speak freely about it.

  •  How well do you know each other?

You spend the day there, so you’d think you’d be familiar with one another, but this isn’t always the case! Most couples have difficulty discussing profound sentiments with their spouses because they are frightened to ask or are unclear about how to ask for fear of saying something inappropriate. If you’re unsure where to begin becoming personal with a perplexing topic, then begin with something simple like how much you know each other? It might take you far deeper!

  •  Do you always advise where to do it on a date?

 It’s normal for us to prepare and look for methods to improve our love lives. Still, it’s OK to offer that he chooses where you go on your next date since you could be pleasantly surprised!

  •  What is my favorite romantic location for us?

So how does he know you both, and will he be aware of the places that recall you both? Make it extra special by asking him to take him there on your next date.

  •  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

We both have a dream destination in mind! It would help if you shared it, then make your fantasies a reality by visiting these places together in the present. This is a fantastic therapeutic tool for rekindling your love and discussing your deepest dreams to make them come true as a group.

Tricky questions to ask your boyfriend over text

If you want to get to know the other person better, it might be difficult to know what to say after him to develop your relationship. The good thing is that there have been 20  tricky questions to consider a guy and get to ask him questions while also building the groundwork for a successful and long-term relationship.

  1. Do you maintain contact with your ex-partners?
  2. Have you ever cheated on me in the past?
  3. What are your biggest apprehensions about us?
  4. My favorite thing to do when gazing at your photos is touch myself. Can you send me one straight away? Or should you come to see me in person?
  5. If you could have just one female in the world, who would you choose?
  6. Are you a good man or a butt man?
  7. Do you like to give or receive?
  8. What are your thoughts on adult movies?
  9. Do you prefer to be touched in particular places?
  10. Where would you like to be kissed if you could?
  11. What is your finest physical feature, in your opinion?
  12. If I asked, would you do everything for me right now?
  13. Do you ever think about pulling my clothing off?
  14. Do you want to offer me anything about your nasty dreams?
  15. Is it easier to chat nasty over the phone or Facetime?
  16. Would you consider a friendship with benefits?
  17. How does making love differ from sex?
  18. Is your perfect time for intimacy late at night or early in the morning?
  19. Have you heard of the notion of nudist beaches?
  20. How several times have you been caught doing something illegal?

Some Juicy questions come to mind about your partner.

The finest thing to ask your lover is the unexpectedly difficult ones. This sort of inquiry encompasses all forms of inquiries and is best utilized when you don’t know what to ask. Please do ask whatever you wish. Find something fresh and entertaining among the chaos.

  1. How sensitive do you believe I was in our relationship?
  2. Is there anything in me that you find completely attractive that I view as a flaw?
  3. Do you have a secret you’d want to communicate with me but haven’t already revealed?
  4. Who do you believe is the “proper” person for you?
  5. How do you see me as a “good” match?
  6. What fictional figure do you have a thing for?
  7.  Have you had any prior experience inventing?
  8.  If you could select any name for yourself, what would it be?
  9. Would you love other men if I told you you could?
  10. What, in your opinion, is your most appealing feature?
  11.  So how would you express affection to somebody you care about?
  12.  Do you really have a favorite way to be showered with affection?
  13. 9. What would you change about our relationship if you had the chance?
  14. Would you like to go somewhere with me right now?
  15. What do you think your main strength in this arrangement is?
  16.  What is your greatest weakness in this relationship?
  17.  What were your first thoughts after meeting me?
  18. What are your most vivid memories of the first time we met?
  19. Have you lately created anything?
  20. Do you believe you could survive a month in the jungle?

Final Verdict 

Having a comprehensive list of questions at your disposal and a few strategies may make dating and conversations more enjoyable. This guide covers all conceivable inquiries based on the tricks and juicy questions to ask your boyfriend over text. Use it appropriately to make your interactions more fascinating and enjoyable.