13 Signs He Losing Interest In A Long Distance Relationship

13 Signs He Losing Interest In A Long Distance Relationship

13 Signs He Losing Interest In A Long Distance Relationship

When someone cheats on you, It feels like a time bomb in your relationship. You can feel that something is wrong, but you don’t know what to do. He may be losing interest in a long-distance relationship with you even though he never said anything about it to you. Here are 13 signs that he is losing interest in a long-distance relationship

He doesn’t text you to say he’s running late or working late, so it seems like he has nothing going on in his life except for the time he spends with you. And then suddenly, even that becomes harder for him to manage.

Losing interest in talking to you

Another telltale sign that he may be losing interest in you is if he stops sending you cute texts or even calls. If he stopped texting and calling you regularly beforehand, this is the sign. And if it was normal for him to send several texts per day and call you twice per week. But now he’s only doing it once every two weeks. That might also be cause for concern.

He’s never free on the weekends or after work.

He always has some excuse for why he can’t see you that evening and asks if you could maybe come with him the following evening instead. This is a red flag. If your partner doesn’t want to spend time with you, this could be because they are cheating on you.

If your partner is always too busy for a long-distance relationship. Then it may be time for a serious talk about how things are going between the two of you. You’re at home, and he’s out with his friends. You finally get a text from him that says he’s staying out late because his friend is having a birthday party.

He doesn’t ask you how your day is going.

If he’s not asking you how your day is going, this could mean that he doesn’t care. He loses interest when he’s not asking about your work, friends or family, and hobbies. It could be a sign that his interest level has dropped.

He’s constantly accusing you of cheating.

He has a ton of free time on his hands, and he can use that time to watch your every move. If he accuses you of cheating, he wants to end the relationship. But doesn’t want to be responsible for completing it himself. If your partner does this, don’t fall for it.

He avoids meeting up with you.

If he avoids meeting up with you, he’s losing interest in your relationship. He doesn’t want to meet up anymore because he has started to lose interest in you and doesn’t see any point in continuing the LDR. Many men will do this when they no longer feel as connected with their partner as they used to be or if they are not getting enough satisfaction from the LDR on its own.

To avoid this happening in your relationship, make sure that you spend plenty of time together when you’re both available. Please don’t wait until the last minute before a trip home and then expect him to rearrange his schedule around yours. 

He doesn’t give gifts or little surprises anymore.

He might not give you gifts or little surprises anymore. If he used to surprise you with gifts, that’s probably not going to start again. If he stops trying to make plans with you or hang out online, he might lose interest. He won’t be as invested in the relationship if he doesn’t want to see you or talk to you anymore. And might not want to get back together with you.

He stops trying to resolve fights and arguments.

If he’s not willing to compromise, that is a sign that your relationship is in trouble. While you may argue about the same things repeatedly, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a resolution. If he refuses to try and work through an argument or fight, this can indicate that he has lost interest in the relationship. He stops trying to resolve fights and arguments between the two of you. This could indicate that his priorities have shifted away from working on your relationship.

He is not replying to your calls.

Always too busy to see you. You don’t feel like a priority in his life. He doesn’t ask you how your day is going, and if he does, he doesn’t make any effort to listen when you say something interesting or important.

He keeps delaying things. 

If he keeps saying things like, “We’ll see” and “It’s not up to me,” he might be losing interest in the relationship. In contrast, these phrases are harmless enough if your boyfriend starts saying them frequently. Especially when you ask him about plans for the future, he will not be sure if he wants to be in a long-distance relationship with you or not.

He keeps saying he misses his friends.

He keeps talking about how much he misses his friends more than he talks about missing you. This could mean that the distance is getting to him or that he’s not really into the relationship and wants out. If it’s the latter, there may be another reason for his behavior: He might have cheated on you before moving away and doesn’t want to get caught again.

He seems to be interested in other people.

When he regularly posts about other people on his Facebook, Instagram, or any social media site. It means that he is hiding something from you. He will look at other girls’ posts with total interest and compliments them.

He will get defensive. 

It’s not a good sign when your partner gets defensive. If he can’t handle the criticism you’re giving him, the relationship will become chaos. But worse than that, he’s starting to lose interest in talking to you.

Avoid confrontation

He may be afraid of being called out on his lack of enthusiasm. He may want to avoid confrontation altogether by not calling as much and cutting off communication whenever possible. Whatever the reason behind his silence and avoidance tactics are. Both of you need to remember them. And work together toward an amicable solution. Your relationship depends on it.

Final Words

By now, you know what to keep an eye out for. Don’t be afraid to ask him about the things bothering you. And don’t be scared of talking about your own needs. It would help if you walked into every conversation to be open-minded and sensitive. But also be honest about how the relationship makes you feel.

If these conversations bring up impossible issues, you may need to reconsider your next steps together. But they can also be opportunities for growth and change. Remember not to pressure him too much or force yourself into expectations that aren’t working for either of you.