10 signs he has romantic feelings for you

10 signs he has romantic feelings for you

10 signs he has romantic feelings for you | Top signs you should know

This article will talk about the 10 signs that will show that he has romantic feelings for you. We will discuss all the signs in detail to help you understand his feelings for you.

Romantic feelings 

So let’s just take it this way you have been dating a gay for a while, and you have been wondering if he is falling in love with you. You also may be wondering that you are the only one feeling the butterflies flutter in your tummy when he looks at you and smiles.

There is always a guy who will pour on the affection just because he wants something, and also the guy who just gets the thrill from making a woman just falls for his dum them in the end.

One of the most important things just to observe in a new guy is his body language and the way he behaves when he is just with you. So we will talk about the 10 obvious signs that will show that he is just falling for you to find out that you can easily find out if you are not just the only one feeling in love hormones. So below are the obvious signs.

He remembers special occasions 

It is just not in the men’s nature to remember a very special occasion like a birthday or our anniversary. This is also a trait that can cause petty quarrels between the people in the relationships.

Suppose a guy you are dating at the moment really makes an effort just to recall the dates that mean a lot to you.

In that case, that is also another sign that he is just really into you. Suppose he also remembers all the important dates in your life, especially just the date when you met, what happened there, even recalling how you can put up your hair and all the tiny details like the color of the dress you wore. In that case, he also really cares a great deal about you.

When he just makes it a point to do something very unexpected and very special, you are also one lucky lady indeed. Feel lucky because this guy is truly listening and also trying to be in tune with you.

He remembers things you can say and do 

If you guy also remembers all the things about you-trivial or not-he is just that into you. For example, suppose you notice him just remembering your favorite mocha frappe at Starbucks. In that case, you still cry every time you just watch Titanic, and also even the color of your dress the first time you meet; this guy is just 100% hooked. If a guy who cares about you will remember such small details, that will mean a lot just to you.

His eyes communicate that he is too scared of you. 

This is far one of the best signs. We all know that the eye is the window to the soul, and also, his very intense eye contact when just talking to you reveals his words that he can not express. The way he gazes and just looks at you shows just his level of interest. A person also looks at the object just of his fancy differently. You also know the look.

He wants to know more about you 

If he is really keen on just learning about you, family, your life, and everything else, this is also a sure sign that he is just singling you out. He also wants to find out if there are common interests for the future relationship. A man in love is interested in learning about the details of your life.

He talks to you about the future 

Men will never talk about the just with anyone they do not feel serious about. If he just talks about the plans or inquires about yourself, this is also the sign that he just wants you in his life for the long term.

If he talks about just the family with you without Flinching, he is also already hinting that he wants you to be a part of his future. So that also is that he would like to be with you for good.

He gets upset when you do not return calls or messages

Suppose something is as harmless as an unreturned call that triggers a jealous reaction. It means that he is really into you and is interested in you. But, if he gets easily jealous of the idea that you are just possibly with another guy at the moment, you have snagged his heart just for good.

He likes to show his fondness for you

This is one of the obvious signs and can be easily tracked. Physical attraction is always a part of the equation. When a guy is really in love, he will want to touch the women he often loves and in just a very special way.

Suppose he loves to caress your face or makes sure to gently brush the hair off your, or holds your hands very instinctively when crossing the street. In that case, he is just telling you that he is really in love with you.

He is very protective of you 

If he really acts very protective and also makes sure you are safe at all times, that is one sign of his really deep affection just for you. When talking together, you have to look for what he stands next to you? Does he always let you just walk on the safer side of the sidewalk?

A man falling in love with you will always make sure that his girlfriend gets home very safely. These may also seem like very small things, but together they are also a sign that he wants to make sure that you are safe and sound.

He Lifts your mood when you have a bad day

Is he very sensitive to your emotions and aware of when your day just did not go well? Does he also go to great lengths just to lift your spirits and also make you smile? These are also his ways of telling you that he wants your happiness above everything else. If he also listens to you very patiently to your rants and complaints, his deep concern mirrors his special feeling for you.

Final words 

In this article, he talked about the signs that he has romantic feelings just for you. We have discussed all the signs in detail. Then, we will recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results of your choice.