10 long distance relationship cheating signs

10 long distance relationship cheating signs

10 long distance relationship cheating signs

We will guide you about long-distance relationships if you are here reading this. Someone told you that long-distance relationships don’t last. And maybe you feel that your partner is growing distant or isn’t showing interest in you or the things you are mentioning. You are always thinking about what your partner is doing when they are not talking to you and being a human being. You always consider the worst that your partner is unfaithful. 

These thoughts are normal because in almost any form of media you consume. And people sharing their experiences have been telling you that long-term relationships are short-lived. Sometimes these thoughts are just that, thoughts but if you are still persistent in knowing whether your partner is having an affair, here are the ten telltale sign that will guide you.

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Your partner takes time to reply

When in a long-distance relationship, texting is the most common mode of communication. One of the signs is that your partner takes time to reply because you are supposed to be the most important human being in their life. Still, they are taking their time to reply. It could mean a few things;

  •  They have lost interest and are looking for a way out.
  •  They are guilty of something and try to avoid contact to feel less guilty.
  • They might be busy with something which they haven’t touched their phone.

Showing less interest in communication

You don’t get to talk with your partner very much in a long-distance relationship. You want to share that happened every detail of your day with them. The sign of cheating is that you are the one that initiates the talks. You are the one who talks in long paragraphs, detailing everything of interest. But their response is just one-line replies, consisting of; ok, wow, that’s interesting, etc. 

They are not the ones who overshare their day’s events, don’t start a communication, or won’t keep up a conversation. It usually happens because they are paying attention to someone else. They have spent their energy on someone else or feel guilty and don’t want to hint that they might be cheating.

Avoids video calls or won’t call back

If your partner has an affair, they will avoid talking to you directly or entirely ignore you. It is because they feel guilty. And they want to create an artificial feeling or a reason for a break up because they have become interested in someone else. One sign of this is they would start avoiding calls or won’t call back as they are talking to someone else or won’t call back because they were meeting someone else when you two used to talk.

Gets sensitive when asked about them giving you less attention

When someone is guilty about something or wants to get someone off their backs, they will get angry without any reason. It would also be considered a sign of cheating. They will give less attention to the relationship. Then they will bring up that you are being paranoid or have trust issues or get angry with you. They would start doing this to create a problem for a break-up or feel guilty but don’t want to admit that they did something wrong or are a coward.

Every conversation is rushed.

Cheating signs also include that every conversation is short, meaning that the partner won’t keep up the conversation or they would create any excuse to get out of the conversation. When called or text messaging after a few minutes of conversation, they would start to make excuses like they were busy. And they have to get to a friend gathering or any reason they would get out of the conversation.

They keep saying they want to visit but don’t want you to visit.

When in a long-distance relationship, after a few weeks, you start making plans to visit your partner, or they keep planning to visit you for a few days. But the sign of cheating would be that they keep making a promise to visit or come back for a day or two. Still, they even entertain the idea of taking you with them for a day or won’t let you visit them. It would be because they have something to hide, like an affair. 

They start lying

You know your relationship is in danger when you start to see lies in their stories, and they keep telling lies to cover for the other lies. Usually, they make an excuse to get out of a conversation and forget that they have told you something else about an event. When asked about it later, their stories don’t match. Their stories have no concurrency. It is a telltale sign of hiding something,

They talk about someone else.

When someone meets a person and develops a keen interest in them, they would start talking about them with such awe that it makes you question what that person is to them. That is a huge red flag if your partner talks about someone for a brief moment and with enthusiasm that you think they might be more interested in them. 

They start spending more than they used to.

When in a relationship, a person buys gifts for the other to show love and affection. But in a relationship, if your partner starts spending money, they usually do and don’t tell you about it. It usually means that there is someone else they are taking care of or spending money on. When confronted about this expense, that explains where they spent, and they start being oversensitive about it.

They start asking if you’re happy.

When in a relationship, if you do something wrong or shameful or worse, start looking for a way out. So if your partner does something wrong, he will ask questions to you. It usually means they have done something wrong and are tired of this relationship. And they want to break up, but don’t be the one that ends it or is looking for an issue based on which they might break up with you.

Final words

We have told you about ten long-distance relationship cheating signs in this post. If your partner has shown almost all of these ten signs, he will probably cheat you. So we think it’s time to talk seriously about this relationship between you two and what it means for both of you. I hope it helped in some way.