Kyd the band | “Gnash” – A Life-Changing Transformative EP Review

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“Gnash” – A Life-Changing Transformative EP Review

Kyd The Band is an American pop band that gained popularity in the mid 90’s through their singles “Take Me Away” and “Higgs Boson Blues.” The bright, jazzy pop music and emotional lyrics of Kyd The Band is the work of songwriter, singer, and guitarist, Devin Guisande. In a recent interview with Music Biz, Guisande talked about working with his brother, Kurt, who is also involved with the band.

Guisandez explained how the songwriting process began for their first two albums. “We went to [Kyles songwriting company] Gold Cup and they said, ‘hey, we can write your songs for you and your brother.’ So we wrote our first two albums as a unit,” he said. This is a common practice with most artists.

From there, the brothers went on to create their own music videos and went on to write and produce an entire second album with producer Chris Conley. The band’s self-titled third album featured the hit single “Reelin’ In The Years.” So where did the idea of a music video come from? “We were driving and this is when I started getting this idea for the music video,” said Kyd.

So what has this song from Kyd The Band been up to since it’s release? “I really am very thankful that we didn’t have to wait for another Kurt record to come out to do another [music video]. We did not have to wait for an album to be released because our fans wanted more [songs] from us,” Kyd said. He continued, “I think what our fans want is for us to live life for them. They want us to go places and do things that we haven’t ever done before in our life.

“We tour the world and we get to meet people from all different backgrounds,” he said. “We get to meet people from different cultures and we get to do things that we normally don’t get to do. So that is the ideal soundtrack to someone who wants to make their life-changing transformation. It’s a great song and a great video.”

As for the song, Guisende said, “It’s about my brother and me. My brother changed from being this down to earth Christian family man into this crazy, artistic, free-wheeling, loose-limb kind of guy. I just want to capture what my brother went through as far as growing up and becoming this artist that he is now. It’s not that songwriting is all that important to me. I just feel like it would be a good song to have on the record because it’s about my brother and me.”

The second single from Weezer’s second year album is called “Holiday”, and it’s about the band’s friend and former classmate Nashua, New York rapper. The song is about the memories that the two had together, growing up with a father who was in the streets and a mother who was a drug addict. It’s about what it’s like being a kid and having to move from Long Island to Southern California. And, it’s about what it’s like to move back to that place and fall in love with the same girl.

For some people, that’s a soundtrack, punch line perfect song. It makes you want to get your hands on it. With the way that Weezer has been selling albums, they might be able to do that with “Gnash”. If they can do it with that song, they might be onto something big in the New Music Industry.

What’s great about “Gnash” is how it sounds and it has that beat that really sets it apart from the other singles Weezer have released until now. I think it might even be more popular than the first single from Weezer’s second season 2, “Wish You Were Here”. Which means, Weezer has a hit on their hands. This song should reach the top of the billboard charts tomorrow and is probably going to inspire some new talent for their bandcamp pageants.

In addition to” Gnash”, “Holiday” is the only song from Weezer’s second season 2 EP that doesn’t feature the awesome guitar work from founding member David Weil. Instead, it’s filled with the same jangly rhythm guitar and a very simple beat. Instead of a hard rock beat, it uses a more basic, repetitive bass line to drive itself. Instead of being an EP full of hits, this one is a nice, slow, and sweet closer. If you’re into catchy breakup songs that will stick in your head and make you cry like a little girl, then this is definitely for you.

All in all, “Gnash” is a great closer to Weezer’s first year of making an impact on the music scene. Long story short, it’s a great ep, just not as good as the better albums Weezer have made before. So, for those fans that were really excited about the band and its future, this song may be exactly what you’re looking for to complete your collection.