How Can a Man Know If a Woman is Virgin

How Can a Man Know If a Woman is Virgin

How Can a Man Know If a Woman is Virgin

There are many ways to tell if a woman is a virgin or not, and some are easier than others. No one knows if the hymen will be broken by pen&tration or not; it’s all about luck, but other signs can show that she was pene*rated before you.

You may look at her past relationships and how she interacts with other people. However, sometimes it’s hard to know if she has had experience before you – especially if she’s still virginal. Here are ways to tell if a woman is a virgin or not through the things she does.

How Could A Man Determine Whether A Woman Is Virgin?

How to Know If a Woman Is Virgin – Sometimes, we are too curious about people around us, and sometimes we may have questions about people we don’t feel comfortable asking directly. Some of us also find it awkward to ask questions about personal matters, especially sex. However, there are some ways by which you can determine whether or not your partner is a virgin or not.

It really would be beneficial if you were intelligent enough yet to apprehend and apply them. Let’s discuss these ways to get an idea of how you can find out whether your partner is truly a virgin or not: Observe her body language- A virgin girl usually has more tension when she first meets her boyfriend for sex. She feels nervousness and excitement at the same time because she doesn’t know what to expect from him.

On the other hand, women who are not virgins usually appear relaxed because they have already had the experience of physical relationships with their partners before. Look at her eyes- A girl who is a virgin typically avoids eye contact with her partner during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women who aren’t virgins make eye contact with their partners as they enjoy making love together. Observe her breathing pattern- A virgin girl breathes heavily during sexual inte*course. On the other hand, women who aren’t virgins live smoothly.

How To Tell If A Girl Is Virgin In The Bedroom

You would think that one way to tell if a girl was a virgin would be to ask her! But some people are too shy and don’t want to admit that they are not sexually experienced, so it may be difficult to answer honestly. F

or others, it might seem easy but still intimidating; virginity isn’t something anyone talks about every day. So even though it looks like an obvious question, how can you find out whether or not she’s sexually active without upsetting or embarrassing her?

Signs That Show Whether She Is A Virgin Or Not

Although it may be impossible to determine whether or not she’s still a virgin, sure signs give away her experience. We have listed the most common signs and things to watch out for. It goes without saying that before making any final assumptions, you should talk to her in person about your concerns regarding her sexual history. If she’s willing to sit down with you and answer your questions in-depth, it’s likely an honest discussion.

But suppose she doesn’t want to talk about it or otherwise avoids answering direct questions about her past relationships. In that case, that should raise some red flags.

She Has No Problem Showing Her Vag*na

For many women, exposing their vag*na (or even talking about it) isn’t something they’re comfortable doing with just anyone. The first time I showed my boyfriend my vag*na was after we’d been dating for over two years! This is one thing I learned from being friends with other girls who were sexually active – most were quick to show off their vag*nas and open up about what they liked sexually.

What Men Should Do To Convince Themselves

Women are not known for being forthright about their sexual history. Even those who claim to be virgins may not be virgins. It comes down to that there’s no way for a man to 100% know whether or not she’s a virgin.

Then, the best thing you can do is proceed as though she isn’t and stop your action if any signs suggest otherwise. When something comes down to it, the only natural way to ensure that you’re with a true virgin is a lifestyle change. Neither of you will want the first period you see her. Of course, practicing safe sex at all times doesn’t hurt either!

Ways On How To Convince Yourself

When it comes to convincing ourselves, it’s best to choose just one positive fact about our life to focus on. Being young, for example, isn’t really about your age; it’s more an attitude than anything else. If you think you have more things going for you than against you, it becomes easier to convince yourself that you will succeed in love and life.

The more positivity we bring into our lives—the better we feel about who we are and what we have to offer—the more leisurely time convincing ourselves that someone out there wants us just as much as we want them.

How To Be Certain About Her Being Virgin And Not Just Pretending

If you suspect that she’s not telling you her actual age, there are two ways to find out. The most obvious way is to have her take a virginity test to see if it is positive or negative. You’ll have to get it done at your local sexual health clinic.

If that’s not something you’re into, you could ask her close friends and family about her sexual history. This shouldn’t be too hard to do as long as you don’t become overly nosy and make them suspicious of your intentions! It might also help you get some action from her when all is said and done.


When in doubt, ask. There’s no shame in discussing your past sexual experiences (or lack thereof) with your partner. Remember that it’s a conversation—not an interrogation—and should be taken at face value. Women have their own sets of standards and social mores for relationships and sex, so respect these values as you explore them together in your relationship.

If you’re unsure where she stands on her virginity, ask her! She may not even think about it until she hears you discuss the topic. It could also be helpful to consider how she defines virginity: Is it physical or emotional? Does having had sex once make her feel like less of a virgin? Is there any reason why she wouldn’t want to tell you? If she feels like sharing her story with you is private, don’t push for details unless they are essential to your relationship. In which case, maybe now’s not the time for no strings attached casual sex.