Why are People on the Dating Scene Obsessed with Zodiac Signs?

Why are People on the Dating Scene Obsessed with Zodiac Signs?

Why are People on the Dating Scene Obsessed with Zodiac Signs?

If you’ve spent any time at all on a dating app, then you won’t fail to notice that virtually everyone provides their zodiac sign as part of their profile. And if you don’t list your star sign, rest assured that it’ll be one of the first things that a new match asks you about.

This obsession with zodiac signs isn’t confined to online dating, either: the ‘what’s your sign?’ opening gambit has long been a conversation starter used by those looking to spark up a romantic chat in restaurants, clubs, and cafes the world over. But why are star signs so important for those looking for love?

So, before you spend any more time Googling to find the answers, keep reading as we delve into just why those on the dating scene need to know their potential partner’s zodiac sign.

Making a Connection

First off, asking about someone’s star sign is a fairly safe, non-threatening question that is unlikely to risk causing offense or raising eyebrows! It’s a fun question, too, perfect for the sort of light-hearted banter that we often deploy when we’re trying to suss out a potential match or a date we’ve just met for the first time.

As a conversation starter, asking someone for their star sign is a classic for good reason! It’s an easy ice-breaker that can naturally lead to a chat about some key aspects of our personality, likes, and dislikes, and whether we’re a ‘typical’ example of the sign. And if things seem to be going well, it’s also a light-hearted way to bring up the issue of compatibility!


Insight into Personality

For those who believe that someone’s zodiac sign denotes key personality – and even physical traits –  knowing the sign of a match or date could be useful in helping to determine compatibility.

So if you happen to be a Pisces woman and are happily scrolling through profiles on a dating app, you may be much more likely to swipe right on guys who catch your eye that also happen to be Libra, who, zodiac-wise, is typically a great match for you. Or you may feel that a down-to-earth Capricorn would add the perfect practical-minded balance to your dreamy personality.

Meanwhile, you may be wary of Aries men, who could be harder work for you, according to the stars. That’s not to say you need to avoid matching but are perhaps more likely to ask a few additional questions to ensure fundamental compatibility.

With so many profiles to scroll through, as a way of filtering your options, there are worse methods.

Helps to Highlight Traits

Filling in an online dating profile can be tricky; it’s hard to put ourselves out there and can feel awkward listing all the amazing things about ourselves. A quick look at this Zoosk dating site review demonstrates the importance of a properly filled-in bio and how a sketchy profile can seriously hamper our chances of getting good matches. Here’s where star signs come in again, and this is another reason that they have such a strong presence on dating apps and websites.

It can be easier to think about our traits and strengths in terms of how they relate to our zodiac sign, and this can help to knock our bio into shape. For example, if you’re a typical Taurus and are pleasure-loving, dependable, and hard-working, then these are the things you could list as your attributes in your profile. Thinking in terms of our star sign can give us the objectivity we need to complete our dating bio in a way that best shows off our authentic personality.

How the Zodiac Signs Use Dating Apps

If you’re an astrology fan, then you might be interested to know that the best way to use and interact on a dating app can be informed by your star sign!

So, for energetic Aries, they’ll be best looking for similarly fiery, vibrant matches – and sending the first message is likely to be a great tactic. Taurus is all about shared values and everyday (and luxe!) pleasures- if you’ve matched with a Taurus, ask about their favorite restaurant or the best spa treatment they’ve ever experienced.

Gemini likes to know the ins and outs of things, so, if this is your sign, resist asking too much in the first message, while those who are scratching their heads wondering what to write to the Cancer they’ve paired with would do well to ask how their potential partner is feeling. They’re sensitive souls.

Leo loves to be a part of a power couple; if this is your sign, beware of getting too caught up in profile pics alone: look for shared ground and common interests. Virgos can find themselves getting overly caught up in the minutiae, so the best advice for this sign when using a dating app is to keep the bigger picture in view and not obsess over the details.

Libras are, by nature, graceful and rarely have trouble attracting the person they have their eye on. So keep doing you, but remember to flesh out your profile with plenty of info, and not just pictures. Scorpios are all about passion and would do well to remember to take things slowly – at least at first.

If you’ve matched with a Sagittarian, bear in mind that a great sense of humor and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone is important to them, while Capricorn’s innate work ethic means that treating dating as a job is likely to produce the best results!

And rounding off the zodiac role call: Aquarians should be wary of dismissing potential matches out of hand – staying open-minded is important. And Pisces needs to figure out how to both keep their feet on the ground while also trusting their instincts in their quest for love.

It’s in the Stars

And, of course, star signs are linked to the idea of fate and destiny – and who doesn’t want to think that those things are playing a part in our romantic journey? Whether or not you’re a believer, a little bit of faith that the perfect person is out there for each of us, waiting to be discovered at the perfect moment – whether via a dating app or an accidental meeting – is a comforting one.