What Crystals Should Not Be in Your Bedroom?

What Crystals Should Not Be in Your Bedroom?

What Crystals Should Not Be in Your Bedroom?

lapidary advises against keeping overstimulating crystals in the bedroom. Turquoise and moldavite are examples of them. It’s advisable to investigate their receptivity before adding to the bedroom if you share a bed with someone else because “everyone has a different response energetically to various crystals,” advises Winquist.

While having a collection of rare crystals is excellent, you should be careful not to put more than one in your bedroom. This is because each crystal has a different vibrational energy and can negatively affect others. You also don’t want to place a large, rare crystal in your bedroom if you share it with your spouse.


Although having a Moldavite crystal in your bedroom isn’t a good idea, it has some exciting properties. First of all, it has a very intense vibration. You may feel it in your palms and face when you touch it. This vibration can trigger your Heart Chakra and cause perspiration and redness in your cheeks. Secondly, Moldavite can speed up your spiritual development. Finally, it is an excellent stone to help you communicate with your ascended masters.

The second important thing to remember about Moldavite is that it is a mighty energy stone, and its vibrations may disrupt your sleep patterns. So, if you have this crystal in your bedroom, it might interfere with your sleep and cause you to wake up early in the morning. But, it can also help you to have lucid dreams.

Another essential thing to keep in mind before you use Moldavite is to keep it in a place away from sunlight or bright lights. In addition, it is essential to store your crystal in a soft bag that protects the edges of the crystal. Also, make sure that you clean and charge your crystal regularly. Leavy suggests that you use a non-cultural cleansing method to ensure it stays cleansed and charged. This may include a sound bath or sunlight or moonlight.

Moldavite is said to be a powerful stone for opening the third eye. When you open it, you can experience a profound spiritual awakening. However, this can be a scary experience, especially for people already prone to anxiety or depression. If you’re not ready for this, you should avoid Moldavite.


If you’re planning on keeping turquoise crystals in your bedroom, keeping them away from sunlight is a good idea. Turquoise is very soft and porous, making it susceptible to damage by sunlight. A similar issue applies to amethyst, another member of the quartz family. Exposure to sunlight will weaken its pigments and cause the stone to crack.

Turquoise’s calming effect is beneficial for those with panic attacks. It helps balance mood fluctuations and dissolves terrible attitudes. It can also help protect you from negative energy. As a result, turquoise is trendy among people who want to feel more at ease and relaxed.

Turquoise is an excellent stone for meditation. It has a soothing energy that helps you connect with your inner self and stay grounded during spiritual practice. It can also help you communicate better and express more ideas. The calming energy of turquoise also makes it an excellent choice for those having trouble sleeping.

Turquoise crystals are good for relationships and can help you improve your self-esteem. They can also help you to overcome depression. Their calming effect can boost your confidence and make you feel more at ease with others. It can also help you to deal with financial stress.

Turquoise is also suitable for your third eye chakra. If you have a stone that works for this Chakra, you should consider placing it near a window. Sunlight will help your turquoise crystal recharge. However, it is essential to remember that some sunlight may not be suitable for turquoise, which can cause damage.

Moreover, you should also keep away from high-energy crystals. These crystals should not be kept in your bedroom. These stones can cause sleep disturbances and may even pose health risks. So, be careful and educate yourself about crystals’ properties before placing them in your bedroom.


Although Selenite is one of the most popular gateway crystals, it should not be placed in your bedroom. It can be too powerful for your bedroom and can cause anxiety. Instead, Selenite is a potent energy healer and can help you to shed unwanted densities and tension. It is translucent, multifaceted, and made from calcium sulfate, which means it can pick up high frequencies.

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Selenite is also known to promote good sleep, especially for people who suffer from insomnia and nightmares. The crystal also helps to create a calming environment and a protective aura around your home. It is not toxic, and you can place it in a prominent location, such as above a doorframe.

Selenite can also induce vivid, fantasy dreams. These dreams can be terrifying. These dreams are often filled with vivid details. They may seem like the work of some evil force, but they are not. Instead, they are a result of our subconscious fears and anxieties.

The best place to place Selenite is near a doorway or altar. It can also help clear negative energy from a room. The crystals can also be placed in jewelry. Putting a crystal in your bedroom can help with emotional highs and lows. It helps in the regeneration of cells and improves the skin.

Selenite should be cleansed after use. The crystals will become dull and lose their bright white shine if they spend long periods in the sun. If you are unsure how to cleanse a selenite crystal, you can use smudge sticks or singing bowls. The white light will also help.


Citrine is known for its solar energy and positive vibes. It can purify a room and keep bad vibes away. It can also help clear your mind and keep nightmares at bay. If you’re unsure whether or not to keep Citrine crystals in your bedroom, consider setting one up on a nightstand or in your office.

Crystals have different energetic effects on different people. Your personal experience will determine whether you want to put crystals in your bedroom. Try it first to determine if you like the way it affects you. If you don’t like its energy, remove it or move it elsewhere.

Citrine can brighten your room and inspire you to cook. It’s a good choice for the kitchen because it promotes good health and helps you stay motivated. It can also inspire you to get more sleep. Clear quartz is a good choice for this area of your home because it helps keep the energy balanced and clean. Avoid placing crystals with fire energy in the center of the home because too much fire can be uncomfortable.

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Citrine can cause wooziness and may even cause mood swings. To counteract this effect, use a crystal with a lower vibration. Moreover, do not leave citrine in sunlight or where it might be exposed to sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself experiencing drastic mood swings and emotional roller coasters.

The beautiful citrine crystal is also the best option for your workstation. Its soothing properties help you relax. It also improves your intuition.

Rutilated quartz

Think again if you’ve ever wondered whether Rutilated Quartz crystals are safe for your bedroom. There are various reasons why they shouldn’t be in your bedroom. First of all, they produce energy. This energy helps us to heal ourselves. It helps us to release mental suffering and restore our calm. It also encourages courage and self-reliance. It’s also a powerful crystal for removing distractions and improving mental clarity.

Another good reason not to place Rutilated quartz in your bedroom is because of the high vibration of this crystal. It raises your consciousness and helps you to open your mind to new ideas. However, if you’re not used to the high vibration of this crystal, you might find it too much for your bedroom. The energy of all crystals is different, and some are higher in vibration than others.

Although Rutilated Quartz does not cause psychic phenomena, it can work with other stones to create psychic effects. As a result, it can help you to gain intuitive knowledge and understand things that others can’t. This ability can be beneficial when you’re faced with difficult situations.

Rutilated quartz crystals are potent mind boosters, connecting us with our spiritual guides and the higher realms. The crystal’s rutile threads stimulate spiritual creativity and help us tap into our creative potential. But unfortunately, they can also release negative energy. And while they may not be the best choice for your bedroom, they are still worth considering.

Rutilated quartz crystals are beneficial when used in jewelry. They can help you understand your emotions. The inclusions in the stone are usually smoky, black, or red. The color of these inclusions depends on the content of iron oxide. When the amount is high, they can be golden. Golden rutilated quartz is sometimes referred to as angel hair quartz. Rutilated quartz can be delicate or chunky.