The Gibson Thunderbird – Origins, Special Features and Review

    The Gibson Thunderbird - Origins, Special Features and Review

    The Gibson Thunderbird – Origins, Special Features, and Review

    When you hear the name Gibson, what comes to mind? For many people, the answer would be guitars. Gibson is one of the most well-known and respected brands in the music industry, and for a good reason. They make some of the best guitars on the market. 

    For any musician looking for an electric guitar sure to turn heads, the Gibson Thunderbird might be a perfect choice. This unique instrument has a history dating back to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, and it continues to be popular among amateurs and professionals. 

    This article will take a closer look at the origins of the Gibson Thunderbird and some of its unique features. We will also compare it to other guitars in its category and give you our opinion on how it stacks up.

    Origins and Formation of the Gibson Thunderbird

    Gibson is a well-known and highly respected name in the guitar world. They have produced some of the most iconic guitars in history, including the Les Paul and SG models. The Gibson Thunderbird was first introduced to the public in 1963. Its design is credited to famed guitarist and luthier Seth Lover, who also designed one of Gibson’s most famous guitars: The humbucking pickup.

    It’s not entirely clear what inspired the design of the Gibson Thunderbird, but some sources indicate that it may have been inspired by a car that was popular at the time, namely Ford’s “Thunderbird” model. Throughout its history, there have been many different variations of this instrument. 

    These include reverse body styling with “reversed” humbucker pickups, a longer scale neck, extra frets for extended range, and various hardware and finish options. Today, the Gibson Thunderbird is considered a high-quality, highly versatile guitar that appeals to both professional and amateur musicians. It’s easy to see why it has endured in popularity for so many years.

    Special Features of the Gibson Thunderbird

    Some of the most notable features of the Gibson Thunderbird include its dual humbucker pickups for unrivaled sound quality, as well as its lightweight construction and comfortable playing experience. Plus, with various body styles and finishes available, there is sure to be a model that will appeal to your specific preferences. 

    How Does the Gibson Thunderbird Compare to Other Guitars in Its Category?

    Many other guitars on the market are similar to the Gibson Thunderbird. One of the most popular options is the Fender Jaguar, which has a similar design and feels but is often considered more beginner-friendly due to its lower price point. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality instrument that doesn’t compromise sound quality or playability, the Gibson Thunderbird is an excellent choice.

    Gene Simmons

    Gene Simmons is a rock and roll legend who has made a name for himself as a bassist and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of KISS, which has sold over 100 million records worldwide. He also co-founded Wicked Lester and lent his name to several other bands.

    A few months ago, Gibson and Gene Simmons announced a partnership to develop a line of signature Gibson guitars. They will pay tribute to Simmons’ iconic status.

    They are calling the partnership G2. The Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird Bass is the first of these instruments to be introduced. The guitar features a reverse Thunderbird body, T-Bird Pickups, and an ebony fretboard and truss rod cover. In addition, it has black chrome hardware and a laser-engraved Gibson Gene Simmons logo.

    It also features Pearloid reverse split diamond inlays to tie the instrument together. The guitar is also outfitted with a Graph Tech nut for optimal tuning stability.

    The guitar features a rounded Mahogany neck, an ebony fingerboard, a Graph Tech nut, and a truss rod covered with a mirror Plex pickguard. Its reverse Thunderbird body shape allows for an array of voicing options.

    The bass features an ebony nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Its mirror plex pick guard also features a custom laser-engraved Gene Simmons logo. The bass also ships with a modern hardshell case.

    The G2 Thunderbird is a premium instrument. It features T-Bird pickups, which are wired to individual volume controls. The bridge pickup has a nice midrange shift, which is ideal for chords that need more snarl.

    The Gibson Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird is available in ebony nitrocellulose lacquer and black chrome. You can purchase the instrument online at Gibson’s website. You can also buy it at an authorized Gibson dealer. It’s priced at $2,799.

    The Gibson Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird Bass is an impressive piece of musical equipment. It’s a perfect choice for serious music makers. It also comes with a modern hardshell case for travel. It is one of the more expensive basses on the market, but it’s a solid investment.

    Giancarlo Duarte CTj8vbZeX44 Unsplash


    Epiphone Thunderbird Reverse

    Gibson has introduced a nonreverse Thunderbird bass. It features a classic mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, and Thunderbird pickups. It comes with a hardshell case. It will be available in Pelham Blue, and Vintage Sunburst finishes. It also has a volume, tone control, and neck-through construction.

    The Gibson Thunderbird has been around since 1963. Its design is a perfect balance between mahogany and rosewood. It is easy to play and has a full-bodied thump. Its pickups give it plenty of sustain. The master tone control allows you to fine-tune your sound.

    Several bass players have used the Thunderbird. Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull, Jim Gordon of Daydream Nation, and Pete “Overend” Watts have played Gibson Thunderbird basses. The bass was also used while recording the hit song “Dirty.”

    The Gibson Thunderbird is known for its solid body and right-handed hand. It also has a mahogany neck. It has 20 medium jumbo frets. The guitar features two volume controls, a Graph Tech nut, and a Thunderbird logo pickguard. The body is equipped with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish that enhances its tone.

    The Gibson Thunderbird has been available in a variety of finishes. It is made with nitrocellulose lacquer, a favorite among musicians. It is also designed to bring out the tone of the wood.

    The Gibson Thunderbird’s pickups are warm and solvable. They have plenty of punch and growl. They are also compatible with amplifiers. They have a separate volume control for each pickup.

    The Gibson Thunderbird is a four-string electric bass guitar. It has a mahogany body, a rosewood fingerboard, and a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. It has a master tone control and a Graph Tech nut. It is an excellent choice for beginners or experienced players.

    The Gibson USA Thunderbird bass is a popular model. It features a mahogany body, two Thunderbird pickups, and Hipshot Ultralite tuners. It comes with a three-ply white pickguard. It is priced at $1899.

    The Epiphone Thunderbird is different from the Gibson Thunderbird. It has a bolt-on neck and is available in a variety of colors. It is a budget alternative to the Gibson models.

    Epiphone Thunderbird II

    A reproduction of the Gibson Bird, the Epiphone Thunderbird II is made with high-quality materials, including mahogany, maple, and rosewood. Its striking looks and comfortable playability make it an excellent choice for musicians. It also offers great value.

    The Epiphone Thunderbird IV has a unique body design, which makes it a highly versatile bass. It has a reverse headstock, a slim neck that is wide enough to comfortably navigate the full fretboard, and a bridge that allows multiple set-up options.

    The Epiphone Thunderbird Reverse IV Bass builds on the illustrious history of the Thunderbird bass, adding modern improvements to the pickups and electronics while retaining its organic retro look. It also offers great value for the price. This guitar is perfect for rock music, with a quality pickup system, a reliable bridge, and a good price tag.

    The Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO has a three-point adjustable bridge that lets players adjust the bass’s strings in any direction. It also features a claw tailpiece, an Alpine White lacquer finish, a mahogany body with a maple neck, and a 12-inch radius fingerboard with a rosewood fretboard. Its unique pickup configuration produces tones ranging from thick to punchy.

    The Epiphone Thunderbird Pro IV is a budget alternative to the Gibson model. It has improved dual coils, a slender neck, and a high-quality pickup system. It also has a slim and unique body shape that helps create an organic, retro look.

    The Epiphone Thunderbird IV has been used by various artists, from The Who to Nikki Sixx. Its unique design has made it one of the world’s most popular and recognized bass guitars. Its neck-through-body makes it a powerful bass suitable for guitarists of all skill levels. It’s a good choice for blues and country music.

    The Thunderbird IV has been in production since 1963, but Gibson only started making them in regular production in 1987. In 2012, Gibson announced a non-reverse version of the Thunderbird. Its headstock was crafted with high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, and the truss rod cover was black with white or gold numbers.

    Epiphone Thunderbird Studio

    Gibson Thunderbird Studio is an electric bass guitar made by the Gibson Company. It’s an homage to the original Firebird, combining Gibson’s traditional “set neck” design with a reverse body shape. The Thunderbird is a favorite of many guitarists, including Jimmy Bain of Rainbow, Ty Ritter of The All American Rejects, Caleb Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer, Krist Novoselic, and Steve Harbin of Frech & Co.

    The Thunderbird’s reverse body style was initially introduced in the 1963 line of Firebirds. This model was one of the first basses built in a 34-inch scale. In addition to the regular length, a five-string version was also available. Initially, the Thunderbird had a single pickup, but later models featured two.

    Gibson’s Tbird studio is a bass that uses a smaller headstock, a mahogany body with fully radiused edges, a 9-ply mahogany and walnut neck-through construction, and mahogany wings glued onto the body. It’s also equipped with a set neck, which provides a more classic look.

    It’s been around for a long time, having been in production for over a decade. It’s the model of choice for many top-level players, from Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull to Jimmy Bain of Rainbow. Besides being used for Dirty tour shows in ’92, it’s also been seen on Kim Gordon’s Daydream Nation tour.

    It’s a solid guitar with outstanding power and presence. It features a master tone control, Grover tuners, individual volume controls, and a solid mahogany body. It also comes with a hardshell case. Lastly, it has a high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish. It’s a great option for any player who’s looking for a powerful and versatile instrument.

    The new Gibson Thunderbird Studio Non-Reverse is a welcome addition to the line. It’s a traditional-looking bass with a solid mahogany body, a rosewood fingerboard, and a master tone control. It’s also available in a Vintage Sunburst finish. It’s loaded with upgrades, such as a soft case, Gibson’s limited lifetime warranty, and an owner’s manual. It’s sure to turn heads!


    Overall, the Gibson Thunderbird is one of the best guitars available today. It has a unique design that appeals to both beginners and experienced musicians, as well as top-notch sound quality and versatile performance capabilities. If you’re in the market for a new electric guitar, We highly recommend considering this model from Gibson.