Talking with bob an interview with bobbing

Talking with bob an interview with bobbing

Interviewing Bob An Executive Interview – My Review

An interview is always nerve wracking but when it comes to interviewing with Bob up it’s fun. I remember the first time I interviewed Bob I asked him why he did the show and he said, “I just did it because it was more interesting to me.” I wasn’t really sure what to make of that so I asked, “When did you do the interview?” and he said, “I don’t remember but it was a while back.” Great interview!


Bob’s expertise on the O.J Simpson case was well known, but he also brought in his own personal knowledge of who to interview for a job at the network. His dry humor and engaging conversational style made for an entertaining interview. He had a great sense of timing and that showed in his interviewing style.

Bob was very thorough in his research and thoroughly prepared before going on the interview. Even if he hadn’t done the interview previously he already knew what questions to ask and what information he wanted to bring up in his interview. So in terms of preparation for interviews, I think he did pretty good. The only downside to this interview was that I didn’t really connect with him as much as I thought I should have. Perhaps it was because I was not in the same city but I enjoyed the conversation with him enough to get to know him.

During our first interview with Bobbing we went through the usual interview jargons but I decided that it would be better if I gave him a more thoughtful and informative interview. I think I succeeded in making my first interview with Bobbing an enjoyable one because he was very thorough and asked a lot of interesting questions. It was really a great experience to be interviewed by Bob Bone.

A few days after our interview with Bobbing I received an email from him inviting me to a book signing. I thought this was a very nice gesture and went ahead and made the reservation. When I arrived at the event I noticed that there were many other bookings, so I decided to take a seat and wait. I noticed a gentleman sitting in front of Bobbing who seemed to be talking with him. I went over to him and I introduced myself, after which I started talking with him. I talked with him for about thirty minutes and then I asked if he would mind talking with me about the book that he was holding.

Bobbing was very cordial and took the time to talk with me. I enjoyed talking with him and felt very comfortable talking with him. After the interview I left a big folder with all of Bobbing’s notes and contact information inside. I thought that this was a great move because it gave me a neat copy of the material that I had asked for and I could keep it on hand for future reference. I am very thankful that I kept these files on hand because it really helped me out when I was in need.

During the duration of my interview with Bobbing I also interviewed several other candidates. The other candidates were very nice and they did an excellent job answering my questions. Most of the interviewees that I interviewed were very candid about the problems that they faced and their desire to solve those problems. I think this makes for a good hiring manager because as a manager you will want to hire honest people. Honest people are hard to find but with interviewing I found that most of the Bobbing applicants were honest.

After my interview with Bobbing I wanted to send him an email thanking him for the time that he spent with me. He wrote me back and again offered me his services. I decided to hire him and he has done an excellent job interviewing for me. Most of the Bobbing applicants that I interviewed were very cordial to me and treated me with professionalism. If you are in need of a good interviewer or if you want to interview people for a job, I highly recommend that you check out “The HR Book: Hidden Truths About Working With HR” by Lisa Olson.