How to Gift Wrap a Blanket? ( Video Tutorial)

How to Gift Wrap a Blanket? ( Video Tutorial)

How to Gift Wrap a Blanket? ( Video Tutorial)

A blanket is one of the most well-liked presents during the holiday season. They are warm, comfortable, and ideal for curling up on the couch. Look no further if you’re seeking for a unique way to present a blanket! We’ll go over numerous different gift-wrapping options for blankets in this blog post.

When giving a gift, you may want to wrap it the same color as the rest of the presents. For instance, if you are giving a gift under a Christmas tree, you may want to use a bow that matches the rest of the gifts. Using matching wrapping paper is also a good idea. You may want to include a pattern or motif for a more personal touch. That way, the recipient can see that it’s a matching gift.

Using a scarf as gift wrap

One of the best ways to wrap a blanket or scarf is to wrap it in a scarf. Scarves are versatile and affordable so anyone can use a scarf as a gift wrap. A scarf can be worn on any body part and wrapped around the head, neck, shoulders, and waist. Plus, scarves can last for many seasons and mustn’t be washed as frequently as clothing. Silk scarves can be passed down in families for generations.

To wrap a blanket:

  1. Start by folding it in half and placing it in the center of a scarf.
  2. Tie the scarf ends together and wrap them around the sides of the box.
  3. Add a gift tag and a sprig of evergreen to the box to finish it off. You can also wrap a blanket or scarf in an old newspaper.

Once the scarf is wrapped around the blanket or scarf, tie the ends to close the package. You can use the scarf as the top of the box if you wish. In addition to gift-wrapping a blanket, you can fill it with winter items.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, use a vintage map to wrap a blanket. Vintage maps can be found at flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales. Or, you can even buy reproduction maps online. Older maps are more suitable for framing than reproductions. If you’re not feeling adventurous, you can wrap a blanket scarf around a gift box and use it as a gift wrap for another item.

Using a drawstring bag

If you’re wrapping a blanket as a gift, you can use a drawstring bag to hold it. Drawstring bags are easy to make. They’re simple to make: you take a long rectangle of fabric and stitch a casing along one edge to create a drawstring. The drawstring is then threaded through the casing and knotted to complete the bag. Using French seams is straightforward, as you only stitch each seam twice. Gif Maker 33

The drawstring bag can be made of any fabric, including fabric scraps. You can also use a sewing machine to make it. First, cut a piece of fabric about two to four inches wide for the drawstring tie. Then, use ribbon, twine, or fabric selvage edges to tie the drawstring. After you have made the drawstring tie, the drawstring bag is ready to be wrapped with the blanket.

The drawstring bag is the perfect size to hold a blanket. The width should match the width of the gift. The width of the fabric should be the same as the thickness of the gift, plus about three inches. Once the fabric is sewn, you can tie the bag’s drawstring at the top or bottom. The drawstring casing should be at least one-quarter down the bag.

You can fold the fabric over to create a drawstring casing for a more elegant look. Fold the long edges of the fabric over one-fourth inch to form the sides of the drawstring bag. Sew the seam close to the raw edge but not so close that the back of the casing is visible. When done, the finished bag will look great and have no visible seam.

Using sewn gift wrapping paper

One of the most straightforward ways to gift wrap a blanket is to place it in a large bowl or ice cream tray. Next, roll the blanket up like a gelatin roll and place it on top. You can also use large plastic spoons and a red pompom in the middle. Finally, cover the blanket with a large piece of wrapping paper and secure it with tape.

If you are creative, you can use sewn gift wrapping paper to wrap the blanket. You can also use the same technique to wrap other types of blankets. Wrapping a blanket with sewn gift wrapping paper is a great way to make it look more expensive. You can also use this technique to gift wrap blankets larger than a standard pillowcase.

Choosing colored paper for the blanket can also help you to wrap the gift festively. When choosing a color, look for one that matches the blanket. For example, red-colored blankets should be wrapped in red. Another option is to use identical colored bows and tissue paper to wrap the blanket. If you do not have these materials on hand, you can buy them at your local store.

You can roll the blanket lengthwise if you do not want to use sewn gift wrapping paper. Then, tie the ribbon to the top, so the bottom is hidden. To make the wrapping easier, you can use a reusable gift bag for the blanket. Alternatively, you can roll the blanket lengthwise and secure the top with a wide ribbon. Either way, the blanket will still have a mystery pattern and be a thoughtful gift.

Using a quilt

Using a quilt as a gift wrap is a great way to make a blanket special. Quilts are large and hard to wrap. You’ll also need to purchase some wrapping paper if you’re buying quilts for gifts. Quilts are also great for keeping warm during the cold winter months. You can also gift-wrap them with a unique name tag to remember who made them.

When wrapping a quilt, use duck tape. Duck tape is a staple of household items and works well for quilts. Unlike packing tape, duck tape is a versatile material that works well to hold a quilt together. Its sticky adhesive is excellent for quilt wrapping and makes it easier to wrap. The tape is also suitable for many other uses, so don’t forget to check out some tutorials before you use it to gift wrap your blanket.

Before gifting a quilt, make sure to wash it. This isn’t just common sense; it is also a courtesy rule. Washing the fabric will help identify any flaws or stains, allowing you to fix them. It will also help prevent the fabric from shrinking after it is given away. It’s a great way to give a gift the recipient will treasure for many years.

You can use a blanket as a gift wrap if you’re not very experienced with sewing. You can choose a pattern that is suitable for the recipient’s taste. In addition to presenting a blanket wrapped in a quilt, you can also gift it in a pillowcase or reusable gift bag. Using a quilt as a gift wrap can be fun for anyone who loves blankets.

Using a quilt as a drawstring bag

If you are looking for a way to gift wrap a blanket, a quilt is a great option. However, a quilt is large and bulky, so it’s challenging to fit it in a standard gift bag. In addition, if you choose to wrap it in a piece of paper, the recipient may be tempted to toss it into a garbage bag. Using a quilt as a drawstring bag is a great alternative and makes the gift even more unique and meaningful.

If you use a quilt as a drawstring bag, you should fold the quilt on the bias to prevent deep wrinkles. This will also prevent any permanent creases from forming. You should also follow the instructions on the quilt care label included with the gift, as this will help your recipient maintain the quilt. In addition, the recipient of the quilt will appreciate a beautifully wrapped blanket. Gif Maker 32

Using a quilt as a drawstring bag is a great way to use fabric scraps. And it’s easy and inexpensive to make! And, best of all, you can reuse the drawstring bag after using it. This way, it’s like giving two gifts! First, measure the size of the folded quilt, then cut the drawstring accordingly. Make sure to take into account the width and height.

Fold the red strip lengthwise. Ensure that the top raw edge is folded over about 1/4 inch. Sew with 1/4-inch seams from top to bottom. When turning out, trim the raw edges to a point and hem them. Once you’re done, your drawstring bag will be ready to use. Just make sure to remember to turn the bag right side out.