5 Ideas for Unforgettable Dates on a Student Budget

5 Ideas for Unforgettable Dates on a Student Budget

5 Ideas for Unforgettable Dates on a Student Budget

Taking a person out on a date is a huge deal. This is especially the case if you’re in charge of deciding where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. You want to ensure they have a great time and that the date is a success. You also want to make it special and memorable. And, while this all sounds lovely, it’s pretty frustrating when you’re on a student budget.

With a limited budget, students need to be creative and original when coming up with ideas for a date. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the 5 ultimate date ideas that are friendly for students’ budgets. Let’s see how you can make that date unforgettable.

Try Your Favorite Hobby Together

Dates are about getting to know each other and learning something new about the other person. Plus, they’re supposed to be exciting and fun.

But, when you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have the option to take the person out for a fancy dinner or go to an expensive concert. 

This is why trying out each other’s favorite hobbies might be a perfect date idea. It’s free, unique, and something you’ll be doing together as a team.

Think of it this way:

  • you’ll be teaching them something fun and new
  • you’ll be revealing a new side of your personality
  • they’ll love seeing you passionate about something

This goes the other way and can be a great way to schedule that next date. You may even find something you’ll love doing together in the long run. 

So, whether your hobby is photography, bowling, meditation, or painting- we’re sure your date will enjoy seeing you shine.

Make sure the other person is comfortable trying out your hobby and has no fears if it is a bit more extreme. 

A Date in the Nature

A little bit of seclusion can be pretty romantic and a perfect opportunity to spend more time talking to each other. If you’re more into conversation and closeness for a date, spending this time in nature is the perfect fit.

Your first task is to pick the correct location. Don’t make it too far away from where you guys live, since you don’t want to spend particular date time commuting. Instead, choose something close enough but special.

Here are just some of our suggestions:

  • a picnic at the local park
  • a hike on a local trail
  • a picnic at the beach or by the river
  • climbing a natural viewpoint

Once you choose your spot, check the weather and gather all the things you might need. That includes a warm blanket to sit on, a picnic basket, a small parasol, or some hiking shoes. We’re sure you’d be able to find all of this easily or borrow it from family or friends.

With the right weather conditions and some creativity, you’ll be throwing an unforgettable date for the person you like.

Visit a Local Event

If you’re lucky, your local community might offer more than meets the eye. Maybe you could scratch the surface to see what interesting local event you might take your date to.

Do some asking around or check the community’s website. Are there any open-air concerts, art exhibitions, or fairs? Is there something you could visit together and have fun doing it?

To make this date even more fun, you could also include activities such as:

  • giving them a tour of your neighborhood
  • eating at the best food truck around
  • having a cup of your favorite coffee
  • having a ride at the local amusement park

Make the event you choose the central part of the date, but complete it with fun before and after activities that will show your effort and the planning you’ve put into it.

Cook Together

If you and your date are into a staying-in kind of fun, you should consider cooking a meal together. There’s something so romantic about working on a project side by side, helping each other out, and contributing to the final result.

Well, cooking a meal and staying in is a perfect date idea.

You could do the whole process together:

  • look for ideas on what to cook
  • put together a shopping list
  • go to a farmer’s market for fresh ingredients
  • help each other with meal preparation
  • enjoy the meal you’ve made

To make an extra date special, plan the perfect playlist for the meal preparation process, or choose a movie you could watch after you eat. If grocery shopping is out of your budget, try to earn some money. That way, you could still make this date remarkable.

Go to a Fairy/Boat Ride

If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake, river, or even at the seaside, you can do the most romantic thing with your date. You can take a fairy or boat ride together.

The tickets for a shorter ride or an excursion are usually relatively inexpensive, especially if you choose a not-so-popular part day of the week. Plus, there will be fewer people on board if you go on a Thursday morning instead of a Sunday afternoon.

To show your effort and save some more money, you can also home-make some meals to go and bring water and desserts for both of you.

During the ride, you could:

  • listen to some romantic music on share earphones
  • read a book or some poetry
  • Share some snacks
  • simply talk

 You could also write them a love letter and read it on the ride. Grab My Essay can help make it more cleverly written and compelling. This would boost the romance factor of the date.

There’s something about the water and boats that screams romantic! Is it the romantic comedies that popularized it or the calmness that the water evokes in us? We’ll never know. The important thing is that you’ll both love this date and even wish to do it more often.

Final Thoughts

A great date doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to involve fancy venues, luxury meals, or costly gifts. What it does have to include are thoughtfulness and creativity. Your date needs to see that you made an effort to make them feel comfortable and spend quality time together.

The 5 ideas for unforgettable dates on a student budget are at your disposal. Choose the ones you love and start planning. We know your date is going to love them.

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Ruby Butz is a psychologist and a blogger. She writes for the younger generation, aiming to simplify their everyday lives. She specializes in romance and relationships.