“Perfect Places” Music Video Review


    A Music Video Review by Elizabeth Lee

    Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, is full of confessional lyrics and catchy tunes as she shares her feelings with the world. Her second single, Perfect Places, captures a different approach on what it means to be young, free, and celebrating life.

    The music video first opens up with Lorde holding a machete in her hands. Her eyes locked on the camera, she stands in a rice field wearing a straw hat and a bold face. A few seconds later, a large bonfire is shown with her hands straight up in the air. These first few shots are intriguing, hooking viewers instantly as Lorde fiercely introduces her video before the music plays.

    As the song plays, Lorde takes us around the world. We see her walking near the shore, sitting at a dinner table, soaking in a river near a waterfall, rowing a boat, dancing near a bonfire, on a swing in the middle of a forest, lounging near a beach, playing with a hanging light bulb, etc. Most of these destinations are magnificent, and idealize what a “perfect place” looks like. Not only are her captured adventures intriguing, but also Lorde slays with her outfits. Some of her detailed clothing includes wearing a red cloak, a pink gown, black ruffles, and a yellow sundress.

    This music video shows Lorde in her candid spirit. In some moments, she is letting loose, belting out lyrics, relaxing, and drinking wine. In others, we see her serious composure as she sings with either closed eyes or vacant stares.  Her aesthetically, colored shots are nothing but spectacular as she shows off her paradise spots. She sings with such passion, embracing every aspect of her surroundings. She seems free from her responsibilities as she escapes to a painless, happy vacation away from her troubles. The emotions she expresses range from happy dancing to confused realization of moments she’s experiencing. And just like everyone else, she shows her moments of peace and hints of loneliness. At just age twenty, her gift of songwriting and the ability to add seems to get better and better. This video makes us fall in love with her quirky and down-to-earth self as she shows off her natural beauty.  

    The video ends with her staring at the light bulb in the dark room, and finally giving it one last shove before she walks away. This gesture may resemble the last lyrics of the song: her life may seem glamorous, but just like the rest of us, it seems that she is also trying to figure out life.

    As Lorde confesses the struggles of her unknown future, Perfect Places is an intriguing, beautiful visual that comprehends the message of having fun wherever you go, even if you don’t know where that place may be.