all contributors to the magazine have written a small blurb on what COIN’s album, How Will You Know If You Never Try?, means to them.

    Ashleigh Haddock // Co-head of Social Media
    COIN’s sophomore album, ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try,’  means so much to me. Not only the music, but the entire album reminds me of all the friends and memories I’ve made. Without this album, I don’t think I would have any of those things. I wouldn’t have met my best friends. I wouldn’t be writing this right now! For instance, one of the songs from the album, ‘Heart Eyes,’ directly inspired the name of this magazine. Without this masterpiece of an album, this magazine wouldn’t exist. My friends and I wouldn’t be sharing our experiences with the world. My absolute favorite song from the album is “Don’t Cry, 2020” I love one particular lyric, “years go by whether you want them to,” just because I find it extremely relatable and nostalgic. It’s a scary feeling watching yourself change and grow up, but, as Chase Lawrence sings, “it’s all gonna be alright.” I never knew I could feel such happiness and belongingness while listening to an album. Now, I think I will forever strive to live by COIN’s motto and album name, HWYKIYNT, because how will I know if I never try? Thank you so much Chase, Ryan,
    Zach, and Joe.

    Gabrielle Yost // Founder
    ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’ is not only the sophomore album written by my favorite band; it is also a quote I now live by. A domino effect, that has not only changed me, but also the lives of artists around me giving us a platform to create and show our ideas to the world whereas otherwise we wouldn’t have the courage to do so. My whole life, I’ve been too shy to put out anything for fear it won’t be good enough; I’ve kept the music I’ve been writing hidden. COIN has given me this life motto and the confidence to pursue those dreams that I never thought would be possible. Through the never ending support from the boys of COIN and my lovely friends, in the near future, I will be releasing an EP. I have never been so inspired in my life. Big and exciting things are coming. Thank you, COIN. HWYKIYNT amen.

    Jiselle Santos // Co-head of Production Management
    With the release of the album ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’  by COIN, the album title itself makes you think about how to embark into the unknown. Following COIN’s journey for the last two years from the release of their self-titled album, opening for some of my favorite bands, to just recently headlining their own tour this spring and releasing this album, this band has truly grown in ways that I can’t put into words. The new album name describes how one should take that chance to do what they want and not let fear get to you. In a way, this album relates to how I’ve been trying to handle the many major changes that have happened in my life in the last two years. I like to say I grow with the music I listen to because it reminds me of memories that I either tend to treasure or even regret, and this album resonated with my experiences. However, being able to grow with the music you listen to and life continues to move forward, you develop some of the best relationships along the way. I’m quite thankful for all the friendships I formed along the way because of music and that’s something couldn’t have pictured or said more than two years ago. Taking the chances I needed to, risking and sacrificing your wants and needs, experiencing life as it comes at you, because in the end, you should live that life you want to live – that’s what this album means to me.

    Peyton Rhodes // Head of Writing and Editing
    The phrase, “how will you know if you never try,” is one that I have struggled to fully grasp. At first, it seemed trite and obvious. However, as I began to face massive opportunities and change in my own personal life, the phrase took on a new glow. An example? This magazine. My dream has been to be a music journalist, but fear of failure, of bad pay, of limited job opportunity has kept me from pursuing that dream actively. When the idea for this magazine became a reality, the same fear plagued me – What if no one read it? What if no one cared? What if I took on too much work, considering the full school year approaching? And then I thought: how will I know if I never try? The simple phrase moved me so deeply in that moment that I decided to pour myself into this project. Recently, a quote from an interview with Chase Lawrence along the same lines nearly brought me to tears: “Missed opportunity: No! Try: yes!” Do not let the profundity of this miss you. Go for every opportunity you have. Pursue every dream you can. Let no one stand in your way. Above all, do not let fear be your guide. How will you know if you never try?
    Victoria Taglione // Co-head of Social Media
    COIN’s album title “How Will You Know If You Never Try” could not relate more perfectly to my life. Just thinking about the phrase makes me feel like I can magically take on the world, or take a smaller step like trying a new Starbucks drink. From the moment this album was released, I couldn’t turn it off even if I tried. These songs relate and mean more than any group of songs have in a while, such as the tracks “Don’t Cry 2020,” “Hannah,” and Feeling”. One minute I feel completely lifted from every stress and worry, and then the next minute I feel extremely empowered to focus on my life and my dreams only. Later in the album, I’m taken back to the amazing memories I will always have of the of the COIN sign lit up, Chase’s back to the crowd, waiting to be hit with the “I’m feeling you, can you feel it too” lyrics that would make me insanely jump for a good amount of time. Without this album, I wouldn’t be writing this for you, Heart Eyes Magazine wouldn’t be real, and I wouldn’t have made the incredible friends I have today. HWYKIYNT has brought so much more than I could have ever imagined, and I’m immensely grateful to COIN for bringing me these new opportunities into my life. A phrase that will always be with me: How Will You Know If You Never Try?

    Ky Kasselman // Co-head of Production Management
    On April 7, 2017, my life changed forever. I had spent the past five months working tirelessly for my on campus job as an event planner to book and coordinate my very first concert, and I had the privilege of doing business with my favorite band, COIN. Those five months were filled with blood, sweat, and tears, but in the end I put on an event that I was incredibly proud of with the added bonus of getting to hang out with and do hospitality for COIN all weekend. Through this experience and the encouragement of this band that I can now call my friends, I realized that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. COIN released “How Will You Know If You Never Try” and the phrase immediately stuck with me. I would not have known that I wanted to pursue event planning if I hadn’t have taken a chance on these guys. The album speaks volumes to me, as it came out not even a month after my show. “Hannah,” the song that belts the album title, immediately became my favorite track on the album, and I could not get the iconic phrase out of my head. While jamming to my other favorite tracks like “Lately II,” I feel the same freedom that I felt on that April night watching everything I had dreamed of come to fruition. This band, the friends I have made through it, and the people who have supported me these past few months are making my dreams a reality, as I am heading to grad school soon to continue this journey. It’s permanently marked on my heart and my skin, thanks to Ryan and Chase, so I will never forget. HWYKIYNT, amen.

    Caleigh Wells // Head of Interviews and Submissions
    How Will You Know If You Never Try?: An album, a song lyric, and now, a mantra. This phrase now sits in the back of my mind as I embark on my personal journey through life. With the new chapter of college looming in the future, I often turn to this question to push me to new heights, and to overcome new obstacles that I would previously be too afraid to challenge. I have always been known to be afraid of change, to be afraid of breaking out of my shell and trying new things. However, now I use this phrase, this album name, this song lyric, as if Chase was saying it to me personally, as I face a new challenge. How will I know the outcome unless I try? How will I achieve success unless I push myself beyond the limits of my fears? It’s taking the jump without fearing the fall. The song “Hannah”, which contains the famous lyric, as well as the album as a whole, never fails to boost my spirits, and I can confidently say this album has influenced me as the person I am, and the person I will become.
    Madi Mize // Co-head of Social Media
    HWYKIYNT. This phrase, or a variation of it, is something we’ve all heard before, but the actual meaning didn’t really hit me until recently. I have always struggled with not taking risks because I am deathly afraid of failure. Consequently, this results in me missing a lot of great opportunities. I’ve been better about it lately (thanks, COIN), but I’ll probably always struggle with it. HWYKIYNT the album: brilliant, incredible, showstopping, spectacular, etc. In all seriousness, this album is probably my favorite of the year so far. My favorite song is definitely Heart Eyes. The reason that it is my favorite is partly because it is such a beautiful sounding song, and because I feel like I can relate to the meaning so well. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Chase broke down the meaning to each song, and when I read what he said about Heart Eyes, I immediately teared up. Chase said “It’s about this girl who sees the best in everyone, and will go past herself to do anything to  make anyone better, even at her own expense. Her heart is bigger than her eyes. She’ll sacrifice anything…but you have to take time for yourself, or else you’re just going to wither away.”, and that hit me like a ton of bricks. The next time I listened to the song, I sobbed, which was bad because i was driving. Would not recommend. This band means so much to me, and it’s not just because of the music. The people that I have met, getting to see COIN live, the interactions that I have had after the shows with the guys themselves, it all makes me feel very happy.

    Sydney King // Head of Photography
    For me, COIN’s sophomore album “How Will You Know If You Never Try?” has opened up a lot of cool doors in my life, such as becoming a more social person, being more adventurous and thinking outside of the box. I’ve also met some of the greatest friends because of this band through this second album. Ryan and Chase even wrote out “HWYKIYNT?” for me to get tattooed because it means that much to me! Although I have been a dedicated fan of COIN since their debut album, “COIN,” I feel like their fan base has grown so much over the past year and I have met so many talented, incredible people who I now call some of my best friends. If it weren’t for COIN and their music, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. A big shout out to Chase, Ryan, Zach, and Joe and their amazing tunes!

    Jared Elliott // Head of Graphic Design
    The words “how will you know if you never try” never really spoke to me until COIN set the phrase as the title for their sophomore album. I think for us as teenagers, this phrase is so important. As we grow there’s always a fear of failure. We can be so held back by our own selves a lot of the times. This phrase is almost, liberating. Being sixteen, I have a lot to learn and do. How Will You Know If You Never Try? will soundtrack my teenage years. The good. The bad. It will be there with all of it